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2010 Voice Recorder Buyer's Guide

2010 Voice Recorder Buyer's Guide What's the best voice recorder for me? Find the perfect voice recorder using our new voice recorder comparison chart. Compare recorders for voice, dictations, music and more.
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Olympus TP-7 Telephone Recording Device
Olympus 145051
Our Price: $18.99
Discontinued, see replacement.

Product Description

Record telephone conversations with the TP-7 telephone pickup makes phone recording two sides of the conversation. Just plug the TP-7 jack into the "MIC" jack of your recorder, and put the earphone side into your ear. When speaking on the telephone, the TP-7 will capture both sides of the conversation for recording by your voice recorder.

Includes adapter to convert from monaural 3.5mm mini-plug to stereo 3.5mm mini-plug. Also includes monaural 3.5mm mini-plug to monaural 2.5mm mini-plug adapter.

Note: The TP-7 is recommended for cellular phones and landline phones.
Note: The TP-7 will only act as a microphone. It will not playback sound.
Note: When used with the DM-10\DM-20, selct Monaural Input in the Menu for selection EXT. INPUT.

We recommend the following Olympus Voice Recorders to use with the TP-7 recording device.

  • VN-4100PC
  • VN-5000
  • VN-5200PC

Key Features

  • Supersensitive lavaliere microphone
  • Inner ear system
  • Suitable for mobile phones and land lines
  • Batteryless plug-in power system
  • 2-way recording

Package Contents

  • Olympus TP-7 Telephone Recording Device
  • 3.5mm mono to stereo adapter
  • 3.5mm mono to 2.5mm mono adapter
  • Small/Medium/Large ear cushions
  • User Manual

Additional Files

Technical Specifications

  • Electret condenser microphone
  • non-directional
  • 50-20,000Hz frequency response
  • -34dB at 1kHz sensitivity
  • 4.96ft cord length
  • 3.5mm monaural mini-plug
  • 8 grams
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