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3.5mm jack, uni-directional mic for high-noise environments.
Our Price.... $14.99
Small, lightweight tie-clip microphone that can be clipped to the tie or the collar, or under a jacket or shirt for concealment. The ME-15 is an ideal accessory for Olympus digital voice recorders. 3.5mm plug.
Our Price.... $29.99
This versatile two-channel professional microphone kit is suitable for capturing quality audio in large conference rooms or even at musical performances.
Our Price.... $349.00
3.5mm jack with 3 foot cord extender and tie clip, uni-directional mic for high-noise environments.
Our Price.... $19.99
Olympus TP-8 Telephone Recording Device. Just plug the TP-8 jack into the mic jack of your recorder, and put the earphone side into your ear.
Our Price.... $19.99
For use with: All Philips Desktops and PC-based transcription systems
Our Price.... $29.00
For use with: Digital Pocket Memo 9600, 9500 series, 9370, Conference Recording System 955 and Digital Voice Tracer.
Our Price.... $29.00
Philips has now created a groundbreaking microphone system that uses the effect of the acoustic pressure of the surface.
Our Price.... $198.00
Omni-directional tabletop conference microphone with 10 ft cord and 3.5 mm plug for powered jacks.
Our Price.... $41.99
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